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  • 企業案件は随時受付中です。

  • 個人案件も受け付けております。スケジュールによっては納期が遅れる場合がございますので、予めご了承ください。




  • 1キャラクター全身立ち絵(背景なし):150,000円

  • 1キャラクターバストアップイラスト(背景なし):100,000円

  • 1キャラクターSDイラスト(背景なし):60,000円

  • 追加表情差分一点:10,000円




  • 新規Vtuberキャラクターデザイン:200,000円



  • キービジュアル(全身立ち絵・背景なし):150,000円

  • 三面図:100,000円













  • 一条家全体への案件のご依頼は、こちらのコンタクトからではなく、一条家マネージャーの織ちゃんへご連絡するようにお願いいたします。


  • I am accepting corporate projects at any time.

  • I also accept individual projects. Please note that delivery may be delayed depending on your schedule.

  • If you are a Skeb, I may be able to accept your request.

Fee Schedule


  • 1 full-body standing illustration of a character (without background): 150,000 yen

  • 1 character bust-up illustration (without background): 100,000 yen

  • 1 character chibi style illustration (no background): 60,000 yen

  • 1 additional facial expression: 10,000 yen

​*Please note that I do not accept requests for backgrounds.

*Please note that if you cancel your request after payment has been made, no refunds will be made.

*If you are considering merchandising, a separate fee of 10,000 yen will be charged for the use of goods.

New Vtuber Production Requests

  • New Vtuber character design: 200,000 yen

(1 standing picture, design fee included, no part separation *Can be used as an illustration for Live2D with additional options)
 ➥Option to separate parts: 150,000 yen

  • Key visual (full-body standing drawing, no background): 150,000 yen

  • Three views: 100,000 yen

If you are an individual requesting a new Vtuber design, please include your current activity history and future goals to increase the chances of us accepting your request. 

Payment of manuscript fee

You can choose either (1) or (2) below.


(1) Full payment in advance

(2) 40% prepayment, 60% postpayment

As a rule, payment is made by bank transfer.

The payment method is by bank transfer in principle. (If you are from overseas and wish to use PayPal, please let me know.)


  • If you would like to request a project for the entire Ichijoke family, please contact Ori-chan, the Ichijoke family manager, instead of using this contact form.

Let's Chat / ご依頼はこちらへ


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